¿Why do I love morning shadows so much?

On the whole, Adam’s existence is centered on knowledge, which refers to the union of heaven/spirit and earth/body. Therefore, humanity’s impetus in the universe can adequately be summed up as: 'informing matter with meaning and expressing meaning with matter.' This extremely simple formula surprisingly encompasses all human activity, including reproduction, technology, government, and science. These are all instances of joining matter with meaning.

Matthieu Pageau, The Language of Creation

The Adam and Eve story is the narrative of the first conscious and moral humans.

The Bible is a massive narrative of the unfolding of consciousness and morality in humanity.

The Christ story is an artful reset or culmination of this narrative that strongly grounds first principles like Faith in the meaningful maturation of mankind.

As I have wrestled with God and Science, I have come to create what I call a Dynamic Belief System (DBS).

I know only one thing, and that is that I really do not know anything. But I can choose to believe things.

I have noticed in my life that there is a cycle I have gone through many times that starts with choosing to believe something, committing to it, acting upon the belief in faith, and eventually experiencing a transformation.

This is why, after many transformational experiences, including walking the French route of the Camino de Santiago, I call myself a Good Life Pilgrim, a seeker of the sacred, one who makes Pilgrim's Wagers, who has learned that if I take on certain challenges, they transform me and imbue my life with meaning.

I strive to be the opposite of a seek-sorrow. Curiosity has become my daily prompt.

Mine is a Radical Curiosity—a Pilgrim's curiosity, a sacred curiosity, if I may say so.

A Radical Curiosity suggests a deep, relentless quest for understanding and insight that goes beyond superficial inquiry. This kind of curiosity drives me to question deeply held beliefs, explore new ideas, and seek transformative experiences, much like a pilgrim on a journey seeking sacred truths.

By framing my curiosity as radical and linking it to the pilgrim's journey, I emphasize a curiosity that is not just about seeking knowledge but about seeking meaning and purpose.

This Radical Curiosity fits beautifully within my overall philosophy of life as a pilgrimage—a continuous and committed exploration that promises growth and transformation.

I hope this perspective might be inspiring to others who seek to infuse their lives with deeper meaning and active engagement with the world around them.

My Camino brother, Daniel at the end of the World

¿Why do I love evening shadows so much?

Note to readers: I reserve the right to change my mind, given new information and transformational experiences. Is that not Radical?

¡Viva la Meseta!